WCB Laws Are Complex

Here is a list of some of the Alberta legislation that applies to workers compensation.  The primary legislation is of course the Workers Compensation Act.  The other legislation can come into play as well.

  •     Workers’ Compensation Act
  •     Workers’ Compensation Regulations
  •     Special Payment Act
  •     Firefighters’ Primary Site Cancer Regulation
  •     Blind Workers’ Compensation Act
  •     Medical Panels Regulation
  •     Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  •     Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Regulation
  •     Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Act

You don’t have to be a lawyer to read all of these – but it sure helps!  Viqar Quraishi, K.C. has been a lawyer in Alberta for over 50 years helping the people and employers of Alberta deal with the WCB.  Call  Mr. Quraishi today.

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