Fort McMurray WCB Lawyer

Looking For A Fort McMurray Workers Compensation Lawyer?

If you looking for a Fort McMurray WCB or workers’ compensation lawyer – Viqar Quraishi, K.C. can help you.

For clarity:  Viqar Quraishi, K.C. does not have an actual office in Fort McMurray- but he is happy and able to service Fort McMurray clients from his Edmonton office.

Whether you are an employer trying to figure out how to save costs or an injured worker who needs assistance, Viqar Quraishi, K.C. can help you.


His offices are in Edmonton but they are will equipped with all the modern day staff and communications tools and he is well able to work for you notwithstanding that you might be in Fort McMurray.

Whether you are an employer or an injured worker, if you are in Fort McMurray you can hire Viqar Quraishi to be your workers’ compensation lawyer.

From Fort McMurray and beyond – Viqar Quraishi, K.C. can be your lawyer.

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